Jenn Steele

Jenn Steele

She’s the one in red…

Jenn used to lead geeks in law firms.  Then she decided to diversify and became a marketing consultant at HubSpot, a marketing software company.  That gave her less fodder for this blog, so she recruited coauthors, who hadn’t posted in a year, so she finally took their pages down. :)

Then she moved to Seattle, and started working at as the Product Marketing Manager for Amazon Simple Email Service.  After a year in the cloud, she moved over to Amazon’s SEO/SEM teams. This blog in no way represents the views of anyone at Amazon (for which they can all be truly grateful).

But after two years in a gargantuan company, she realized that she wanted to spend less time writing SQL and more time getting “stuff” done. She moved to the Bay Area and took at job as Head of Growth at RecruitLoop, a seed-stage startup that is disrupting the heck out of the recruiting industry.

She’s still obsessed with leadership, though, so she blogs on leading geeks.

You can find her in lots of places, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Now she’s tired of talking about herself in the 3rd person.

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