First Post!

Ahem; please excuse the title…

Having the misfortune of sharing a name with a porn star (boy, did that shock my father when he Googled me!!), I realized that I wanted to look at my online personal brand and start building it. Then I realized that I cared less about personal branding and more about sharing my thoughts with the World. My thoughts on leading fellow geeks, that is.

My name is Jennifer Steele, and I am a Leader of Geeks. (Those who cannot geek, lead? No, that’s not right…) I have been in legal technology since 2000, and was a Director of Information Technology for a mid-sized Boston law firm from 2002-2007. I am the Regional Vice President for the New England Region of the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), and I will be completing my MBA from Simmons School of Management on 8/8/2008. My undergrad is from MIT. In Biology. You can laugh now.

My Myers-Briggs type is ENFJ. This likely gives me an amusing perspective on geek life.

My goal in life? I want to lead geeks. Or lead those who lead geeks. I think that the general mindset of those who choose to go into technology is, uh, different, and thus requires more thoughtful leadership. My personal strengths are in strategy and leadership. Apparently, I have been accused of having people skills and a sense of humor as well. As such, I can be a liaison between geeks and Other Folks.