Why IT Goes Nuts Sometimes

I still have lots of thoughts on the transparency discussion going on in my brain; eventually they will become a useful blog post.

However, I just thought I’d share briefly on why I go nuts sometimes…

So it’s time for us to renew an SSL certificate. How do I find out? The email goes to my predecessor’s email account.

But not to his name; that was to an old network engineer who left well over a year ago.

Okay; fine. I go to the link, try to renew, etc. I can’t. I don’t have the password for it, and it’s not on my (10 page) password list.

Again, fine. I’ll put in the email of the technical contact.

Doesn’t work.

Try a different one.

Still doesn’t work.

Try every possible permutation of every IT Director or Network Manager/Engineer and domain name. No luck.

Email customer service rep that I need help renewing, because I cannot get the website method to work.

What does he do?

Sends me the same $%^&* links, and says I have to renew that way. And you all wonder why I’m slightly nuts sometimes?