Moving to Seattle!

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What?  You’re moving to Seattle?  When?  What happened?

Yes; my husband and I are moving to Seattle.  We’re flying out late on the 26th of July.  Amazon made him an offer we couldn’t refuse.

What’s happening to you?  Your job?

I’ll be looking for a job in Seattle.  And friends.

Where will you be living?

We’ll be in corporate housing near downtown for a few months while we attempt to sell our house & look for another apartment.

Why didn’t you tell me before now?

I’m telling you now, aren’t I?  🙂  I wanted to wait for the big announcement at my department’s meeting at work.

Can I see you before you leave?

Probably, but get in touch with me soon!

I live in Seattle!  When can we get together?

I’d love to see you!  (Assuming you aren’t an ax murderer.)  Drop me an email at jennsteele (at) gmail (dot) com, and we’ll get together sometime after August 1st (since I’ll be a crazy person before then).

14 thoughts on “Moving to Seattle!

  1. Good luck to you Jenn! Seattle is a great place and enjoy the Cascades range. Makes the Presidentials in NH look like a sandbox.

  2. Wow, good luck to you out there Jenn! As someone going through my own adjustment to a new place, I know how anxious you must be, but also excited at all the new places you’ll get to hang out! Keep in touch!

    1. Thanks, Mike! I’m really excited about moving, and not that apprehensive about finding a job (yet). It helps that the moving company will be packing our stuff 🙂

  3. Good luck! I have family and some Miami friends there who LOVE it! And Honora is there, so I am sure she will show you all the fabu and hip places to chillax. Hope the move goes smoothly for you!

    mldsandler also at gmail. 😀

    1. Thanks, Monica!

      We’ve managed to stay in touch through several job changes in the past; I have a feeling we’ll continue that trend 🙂

  4. It’s mostly about the sockeye salmon except for that one month per year when Copper River salmon starts coming down from AK. The real trick is to ensure you have a couple of fishermen in your social circle . . . that’s when the backyard BBQs get really good. 😉 So happy to have you joining us in the Great Pacific NW (yes, always initial capped). Definitely excellent outdoors life here . . . as long as you don’t mind drizzle. Overall rain totals are, however, far less than many cities (we don’t even make the Top 10 for annual rainfall despite our reputation). Ping when you’re close to arrival – we’ll make plans!

    1. My hubby has a thing for Chinook salmon, which you CANNOT get in Boston (you can actually get sockeye sometimes).

      I’m SO EXCITED to be moving to your lovely city! Let’s make plans for after the 1st. I’m jobless, so I’m pretty flexible 🙂

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