You’re all irresponsible yutzes.

Well, maybe not YOU per se. But the total mushrooms that I’m reading today.

Stupid IV
Stupid IV (Photo credit: LauraLewis23)


For those of you who don’t have an IV drip of social media like I do, here’s what I’m talking about: LinkedIn published its list of top “overused” words. The word “responsible” came out on top.

Shocker, eh?

Here’s where the yutzification comes in: TechCrunch (and other sources) then started talking about how everyone likes to call themselves “responsible” on LinkedIn.

No! Wrong! Yutzes! (Yutzen?)

The reason “responsible” is used 2X as often as other words is because half of LinkedIn starts writing in a position description, “Responsible for…”

As in describing responsibilities. NOT as in calling yourself a responsible human being.

Dear heavens, was that really THAT hard to figure out? Take a moment and engage your brain, people.