On Burnout

This isn’t actually a blog post. This is just letting everyone know that between my grandfather’s passing 2 weeks ago and the (totally awesome) ILTA Conference, I’ve been a little out of action.

Wait, maybe it’s a blog post after all. Turns out that I just can’t keep my mouth shut when I have a thought.

Except that this thought is, “I’m burned out”. Not such a surprise, after presenting some obscene number of times last week (6 if you count the regional meeting and the vendor presentation. More if you count two quick ILTA TV spots (that I’ll link to when the links become available)). Here are my observations on being burned out:

  • I repeat my thoughts to myself more than usual.
  • I repeat my thoughts to others more than usual.
  • It is much harder to put together a complete sentence.
  • I have to write more things down.
  • Unfortunately, I find it difficult to read my handwriting.
  • People keep telling me I look tired.
  • Rote tasks are actually easier.
  • I keep habitually working long hours, but don’t get as much done.
  • I feel stupid.

When I’m less burned out, I should be able to apply the above to leading my geeks. Right now, though, I’m just glad that we have a long weekend coming…

5 thoughts on “On Burnout

  1. It's like reading into a mirror. Nice to see that I'm not the only one. I read a great article on dealing with burnout a little while ago. It was in a paralegal magazine. I wish I could find it; it had some great suggestions for dealing with burnout. Oh, and if you're curious how I got here–an @nikiblack tweet.

  2. Gee I can't imagine why you'd be burned out after all of that? :)Interestingly, the first hint that I'm burned out is something similar. I can't focus long enough to write a simple blog post. I come up with an idea for one, and the words just never seem to form in my head. Take your time, and take care of yourself. Go do something just because you enjoy it. That's the best thing I've found to get back to being myself.

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