Introduction: Mark Wingrove

Editor’s note: Mark is our “true geek”, who will largely be blogging about actual geeky stuff. He has had the (mis?)fortune of working for Jenn at a previous job.

The True GeekAccomplished IT professional with a 10-year track record of successful technology management, and administration within various industries. I found my way into the IT world by way of geology. Yes, rocks. While studying geology, I was heavily involved in geographic information systems (GIS). GIS is computer mapping and modeling in the areas of earth science. With my computer background attained as a side effect of my dealing with GIS, I found myself working mostly with the IT department at my first job out of college, even though I was hired as an environmental chemist.

This being my first attempt into blogging, or any form of public communication, I enter with great enthusiasm and trepidation.

My reluctance (and fear) of writing was instilled at an early age. The first poor grade I ever received was for penmanship in the fifth grade. This compounded my aversion to writing, and I avoided it at all costs. For my part, if practice makes perfect, than the lack of practice… well, let’s just say my last bad grade wasn’t in the fifth grade. So, I use this blog to gain the practice I should have gotten so many years ago, and also to share some knowledge and lessons I’ve learned along the way.

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