Amazon, Thank You for Not Sucking

Amazon released its Hot Toy List, and I decided to take a look today. Of course, I instantly noticed that they have toys classified by gender as a filter option on the side. Grrrr.

Then I clicked on it. Here’s what happened when I clicked “Boy”:

Boy Toys

And then “Girl”:

Girl Toys

And then “Unisex”:

Unisex Toys

Notice something? Yep. They’re all the same toys. I didn’t suddenly get an eyeful of pink when I clicked on “Girl”. So thank you, Amazon. Thank you for not sucking. Thank you for not forcing little girls into gross pink toys. Thank you for making them all the same.

Of course, I’d love for the kid on the Harley to be a cool girl, but I’ll take what I can get. At least not every kid on the front page is white.